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Protect your skin even in winter. Here are five tips on how to do it

With colder weather, skin problems occur on regular basis. Dry, irritated and cracked skin is no exception during the winter time and so it is more than desirable to indulge it with appropriate care. However, people with problematic and sensitive skin can find mere hydration inadequate. Is that also an issue for you? We will talk you through winter skin care step by step

Salt therapy: miracle from the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea can boast many firsts. It´s not only the lowest-lying water area in the world, but it also contains the most minerals and has the highest degree of salinity. Up to 330 grams of salt can be found in just 1 liter of water, which is approximately ten times more than regular sea contains. The beneficial effects of sea salt on the human body have been known since the ancient times and combined with many minerals a miracle, especially for

Reboot your skin after the summer and prepare it for the fall

It's the summer when the skin is constantly exposed to a number of adverse effects such as saltwater, chlorine, sun, wind and air conditioning. And although you may be excited about your tan, which you hope will last for a while, with the change of the season you usually begin to experience problems with dried skin. The key to rapid regeneration is, above all, moisturizing care, which helps you to restore tired skin and prepare it for another sea