Jak na dostupnou péči o ruce a nehty

Současná pandemie koronaviru pomalu dosahuje svého vrcholu. V souvislosti s tím se však začíná mluvit o krizi, s níž se bude potýkat nejen naše ekonomika, ale především jednotlivci. Pokud mezi ně patříte i vy a nemáte tak štědrý rozpočet na beauty procedury jako před vypuknutím virové nákazy, nezoufejte. Poradíme vám, jak se obejít bez drahých služeb manikérek a postarat se o zdravé a dokonale upravené nehty. Právě ruce jsou nedílnou součástí vaš

Hand care in three steps

Hand care is undoubtedly linked to the care of nails and their surroundings. So take your manicure time at least once a week. However, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons often, but with the right equipment, you can play with manicure even at home. The basic nail kit, which includes a nail file, hand cream, a special blend of nail bed oil, and a polisher, which, when used regularly, makes a smooth, glossy nail surface to protect it from dr

The most common mistakes in skin care. Don’t you make them, too?

The summer is ahead of us and even though it’s without a doubt the favourite season for most of the people, it’s connected with a few neglected negatives. Things that we love most about summer, the hot weather, sunlight and a regular swimming in the water are in the same time the things that hurt our skin the most. It must withstand heat, dehydration and UV radiation, and therefore it is necessary to pay increased attention at this time. It does

Huge cosmetic help in fight with atopic eczema

Itchy and chapped skin, redness, swelling, spots and pain. All of this is a common manifestation of atopic skin. The miraculous power of Dead Sea cosmetics will help you.

How to deal with spring skin detox?

Number one at skin care nowdays would without doubt be cosmetics that includes mineals from dead sea, which is well know all around the world and very frequently visited mostly because its well known healing effects.