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Salt therapy: miracle from the Dead Sea

Salt therapy: miracle from the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea can boast many firsts. It´s not only the lowest-lying water area in the world, but it also contains the most minerals and has the highest degree of salinity. Up to 330 grams of salt can be found in just 1 liter of water, which is approximately ten times more than regular sea contains. The beneficial effects of sea salt on the human body have been known since the ancient times and combined with many minerals a miracle, especially for sensitive skin, was born.

However, when it comes to a question of using a salt in cosmetic products, people always wonder. Isn´t the skin going to be dried? Well, the good news is, that the salt doesn´t dry up the skin, on the contrary. Salt has the ability to bind the water in the skin. And the peeling effect contributes to an adequate renewal of the skin cells and it softens the skin, which is then smooth and moisturized. The Dead Sea also contains more than 30 minerals and trace elements. Some of them are highly valued for relaxing effects, others for nourishing the skin, activating the blood circulation and detoxication. In general, the minerals improve skin hydration factor (pH) and retain an optimal amount of moisture, strengthen the cells and increase skin resistance against dehydration and harmful environmental impacts.

However, it´s not an easy task to keep the skin in good condition, considering today´s hectic times and the air full of smog practically everywhere you go. Proper skin cleansing is, therefore, the absolute foundation. The Dead Sea cosmetics has highly detoxifying effects, it disinfects and purifies the skin. Mineral facial peeling is sufficient to use once a week, salt crystals and crushed apricot kernels gently remove the skin impurities and dead skin cells. The skin is then immediately brightened and way smoother.

The minerals from the Dead Sea don´t have the beneficial effect only on the dry and atopic skin. You can treat with them also the acne. High concentration of the essential minerals for healthy skin strengthens the skin tissue, maintains chemical balance of the skin, stimulates the bloodstream and removes toxins from the skin. For example, the concentration of magnesium found in the Dead Sea is 15 times higher than in other seas. It is no wonder then, that vacations in this area are often related to treatment procedures. But if you don´t want to travel thousands of kilometers just to have a pretty skin, try NevO Dead Sea SPA cosmetic products, which contain the Dead Sea minerals or use the Dead Sea bath salts and treat yourself with luxury procedures at home. Pamper yourself and you will not only see the results on your body but also on your soul.