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Protect your skin even in winter. Here are five tips on how to do it

Protect your skin even in winter. Here are five tips on how to do it

With colder weather, skin problems occur on regular basis. Dry, irritated and cracked skin is no exception during the winter time and so it is more than desirable to indulge it with appropriate care. However, people with problematic and sensitive skin can find mere hydration inadequate. Is that also an issue for you? We will talk you through winter skin care step by step.

How come our skin suffers in winter?

There are several factors that influence skin condition in cold weather. Besides the fact, that it is exposed daily to wind and frost, frequent crossing from warm homes and offices into the outdoor freezing weather is no good for it either. In the overheated rooms, the skin is also dehydrated which results in a greater susceptibility to damage. It is also necessary to mention the problem of unbalanced diet. Because it´s not only the Christmas time when we eat dull diet and cook dense meals from not so much fresh ingredients, resulting in a lack of vitamins. The skin then isn´t nourished from the inside and not even the most promising moisturizing cream can save it. But how should we protect our skin in winter then?

Moisturizing is the key

In winter it´s often necessary to choose more oily and nourishing creams than usually. The right cream should soothe the skin, nourish it and should be well absorbed. If you also apply makeup, don´t forget to use a moisturizing foundation that protects your skin from the freezing weather.

Don´t underestimate the skin cleansing

Even though you might not use makeup on daily basis, it is necessary to cleanse the skin not only in the evening but also in the morning. During the day, the skin is exposed to a lot of dirt which settles right on it and during the night the skin produces sebum. And for it to breathe and be able to absorb nourishing cosmetic products you need to get rid of it all. However, if you feel that skin is irritated and reddish after cleansing, try to switch on to the skin cleanser with a creamy consistency.

Regular peeling

You might feel that skin peeling in winter will hurt your skin because it will get rid of the natural protective barrier, however, the opposite is true. Appropriately chosen face scrub gently removes the skin impurities and dead skin cells, while supports blood circulation, resulting in its faster renewal. Use face scrubs regularly, once a week.

Don´t forget to use a sunscreen

And that applies not only when you´re heading to the mountains. The skin is drier in winter which results in reducing its own defense mechanisms and the skin is then more susceptible to damage. Cold and dry weather also impairs the skin´s barrier function and the top layer of skin (the one responsible for protection from UV radiation) is weakened. Therefore, quality sunscreen should be a matter of course during the winter time.

The Dead Sea miracle

Not only in winter finds its use cosmetics containing minerals from the Dead Sea. This is known for its beneficial effects on the human body and on the skin itself. Dead Sea salt helps the skin maintain natural moisture and prevents it from drying out, and the other minerals improve the skin moisturizing factor, strengthen skin cells and increase the skin's resistance to dehydration and harmful environmental influences. During the winter, for example, the NevO Dead Sea SPA mineral emulsion is ideal for intensive night regeneration. The skin is smooth the morning after application and gradually becomes more resistant to adverse environmental influences such as cold, UV or dry air from the air conditioner.