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In winter, give your hair lightness and protective moisturizing care

In winter, give your hair lightness and protective moisturizing care

During the cold months our hair is so burdened, that its care should be light but still nourishing. Most of the hair products promise to provide care and repairing damaged and strained hair, however they burden it with the high amount of chemicals they contain at the same time. Thanks to that our hair might be clean and smell really good, but also drooping and without life. Avoid the drugstore shampoos that contain the chemical cocktail and try out the cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals. 

There are many pitfalls during the winter months. Unfavorable climatic conditions, getting from the outside to heated rooms and wearing headbands. All of this have a negative impact on the beauty, health and overall hair well-being. Afterwards the result of that is tired hair with no volume at all, increased skin sensitivity, excessive lubrication and brittle hair structure, which causes propensity of breaking and hair loss.  What to do about it so you head would look like you had just visited your hairdresser throughout all autumn and winter?

Call the valuable minerals from the Dead Sea for help

Water of the Dead Sea consists of 21 minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. On top of that it also contains 12 other minerals and trace elements that cannot be found in any other sea around the world. Dead Sea salt has a more concentrated proportion of minerals because of the mud was formed for a thousands of years at the bottom of the sea. All of that together causes the well-known cosmetic and curative effects and from them your hair can gain some strength.

“Dead Sea minerals shampoo gently removes dirt, restores natural pH of the skin and its protective layer. Rare minerals help to revitalize and strengthen the external and internal hair structure, nourishing roots, strengthening them and thus contributing to mitigation excessive hair loss,” Kateřina Ludvíkova (Managing Director of NevO Dead Sea SPA, explains the benefits. Her specialization is the production of cosmetics with rare Dead Sea extracts.

Cleansing care is followed by additional intensive nourishing care of the conditioner from the same line. "The conditioner contains moisturizers and minerals from the Dead Sea. It is necessary for long hair that is often damaged during drying and combing. For the best result, leave five minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Conditioner restores gloss and color and make the combing much easier. So the hair will remain soft, light and pleasant to touch, " says Ludvíková.

Care inside and out

Mainly minerals and some vitamins are fundamental for nourishment. To improve the quality of hair, work on your living and drinking mode. During the colder months, increase your vitamin B income in particular. Vitamin B can be found in meat, eggs and yeast. Try to eliminate fat and sweet food from your diet and focus on fruits, vegetables and proteins on the other hand. You should not forget the zinc and selenium. You can find them in nuts, seeds and fish. Nutritional supplements for hair quality improvement are also worth trying.