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Problematic skin care in three steps

Problematic skin care in three steps

Statistics show that 70% - 80% of the population suffer from different forms of problematic skin and acne. There may be several causes at the same time. From genetics to poor diet or hormonal imbalance, and although the treatment of problematic skin might be very long and difficult, you can achieve improvements with a help of proper care. Then what is the right care for problematic skin?

The right diet

Although a balanced and varied diet seems to be the key to many health problems, a huge amount of types of food can negatively affect acne. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify a specific cause. Most scientists, however, agree that a high glycemic index and too many dairy products can impair skin with a tendency to acne. If you suffer from problematic skin, it is advisable to keep records of your diet and monitor the skin's reaction to a variety of foods. In general, it is advisable to reduce the income of food with a high glycemic index value, such as white sugar, pastries, potatoes, white rice, and a variety of sweetened foods, and replace them with legumes, whole grains and some fruits and vegetables. You can also try to reduce the amount of dairy products you consume and then see if there is any improvement on your skin. Try to reduce milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, cream and cheese. On the contrary, omega-3 fatty acids, including fish oil, walnuts, hazelnuts, chia seeds and linseed, are beneficial.

The right skin cleansing

When it comes to taking care of problematic skin daily cleaning is without a doubt the most important thing. But it is crucial to choose the right and quality cosmetics. Cosmetics with minerals from the Dead Sea, which restore cell metabolism and regenerates skin structure, is miraculous for the problematic skin. When used regularly, the skin returns to health, and the appearance of acne and pimples is severely restricted and in many cases even stopped. We can recommend, for example, Mineral peeling Q+ from NevO Dead Sea Spa, which removes dead cells from your skin by ground peach seeds. Thanks to this peeling your skin will last brighten and smooth. For day-to-day use we recommend NevO Dead Sea Spa soap with Dead Sea extracts that combines both mud and salt strength and is designed to wash the face and the whole body.

Use quality make-up only

Especially for women with problematic skin, an omission of makeup is absolutely unrealistic. Properly chosen makeup, corrector and powder can mask a lot and at least during the day it is possible to hide the acne for a few hours. However, some types of make-up can make the condition of the skin significantly worse, so it is advisable to choose cosmetic products from manufacturers that are specialized on problematic skin. Choose a make-up that is labeled as non-comedogenic and therefore does not clog pores. You should be interested in hypoallergenic cosmetics and preferably without perfuming. Mineral make-ups that do not usually contain any undesirable substances are recommended. They still cover very well, are non-irritating, and surprisingly long lasting.