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Cosmetic care for hectic days

Cosmetic care for hectic days

Our usual days sometimes remind us ricochet of working and family duties. Once we close door from our office our attention is required at home from our partner or kids. Find a moment for ourseleves seems like unachievable task during a week and we are draining our internal energy reserves. Hectical life style is also negatively affecting our skin that is stressed and seems lifeless. But how to care properly about our skin during this hectic times?

Even though we do not sometimes fully realize it, our appearence and healh of our skin is based on many factors. Lack of sleep, stress in work, personal issues – it can all be read from our face. Skin is tired, pale and with rings under your eyes, you look like you forgot to come in time from party.

Revitilazing cosmetics for everyday use

The disadvantage of tired skin is simple – it highlights every imperfection of our skin which usually should not be that visible. Wrinkles are much more noticable, skin color is grayer than usual and contours are fading. „Stress exertion disrupts very sensitive hormonal skin balance and it is one of the main causes of skin defect like wrinkles and other signs of early aging, irritation, excessive sebum creation, excessive sensitivity and unhealthy skin colour“ explains Kateřina Ludvíková, director of NevO Dead Sea SPA company, which is focusing on manufacture of skin cosmetics with precious extracts from dead sea. If you would like to bring back vitality and freshness to your skin, use right cosmetic solution on daily basis.

During the day do not burden your skin with robust creams, which in combination with make-up layers can have negative effect. Revitalizing daily cream NevO Dead Sea SPA will freshen your tired skin in the morning and keep supplying it with moisturizing ingredient during the day. It have very light, absorable consistency and it suitable also before make-up. Minerals from dead sea prevents drying and leaching of nutrients and vitamin C on the contrary will brightens your skin and prevents creation of pigment spots“ explains Kateřina Ludvíková.

On night you may add your daily care with soothing night cream. It contains more nutritious materials and it is more thick. It actively affect skin cells during sleep, when skins accept all minerals, trace elements and regeneration components. Cream constists from mixture of natural essenses, minerals from dead sea which balances moisture of skin and overall improves texture of skin.

Harmful influence from environment and inside hydratation

Stress weakens immune system of our skin which tends to be more prone and less resistant against harmful effects from outside environment, like UVA radiation and smoking. Take in mind also your water drinking regime. In case you are used to drink cup of coffee in the morning and drink a bit of water, than your body is draining fluids from your skin. Coffee and black tea are dehydriting which is affecting our skin. It can be tensed and and even itch. Remember that adult should drink two litres of still water.