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How to deal with spring skin detox?

How to deal with spring skin detox?

Spring is back in its full bloom/beauty, and therefore it is best time to recover not only our weakened organism after winter, but also our skin. Our skin is usually dried, irritated, pale and overall looks tired and unhealthy. But how to get rid of those mentioned problems and prepare ourselves for months of intense sun?

Why our skin suffers during winter time?

First of all, it is important to explain why our skin requires special treatment after winter season. During the period from December to February or March, cold winter air with minimum of humidity affects our blood that is circulating much slowler than usual. Due to this, sebum production that protects unique moisture in upper layers of our skin is reduced. Natural protective skin layer is weakened, and the skin becomes more vulnerable. People with mixed or oily skin might be in slight advantage, but also at their case some issues might appear, like rash, cracked veins or itchiness. In winter season we also lack vitamin D which is crucial for healthy skin and that is usually produced by sun rays.

Where to begin?

Cosmetics selection might look like the first step we should consider on our path to healthy skin. However, we are usually using more cosmetics than necessary. What we eat is nevetherless important. We should get rid of all processed semi-products and begin to cook with fresh ingredients. Therefore our food should mainly consist from fruits, vegetables, meat and legumes. On the contrary we should avoid any sweets which we used during winter time to refuel energy to our body. However, our drinking regime is important as well on our daily menu. We should really say no to all flavored or sweetened limonades and instead drink herbal tea or natural water.

Which cosmetics is most effective to our skin?

And finally we get to the most important topic – cosmetic products. There are so many options and all of them are promising almost miracles nowdays. We tend to buy almost everything what we see at drug store without further research of product ingredients or reviews of other. Number one at skin care nowdays would without doubt be cosmetics that includes mineals from dead sea, which is well know all around the world and very frequently visited mostly because its well known healing effects.

For spring skin detox we would like to recommend miraculous mud mask from NevO Dead Sea Spa company, which contains mud from dead sea, shea butter and it is best for tired skin and wrinkles. After use your skin will be softened, smoothed and brightened and if you will keep using it regularly your deep wrinkles on forehead and neck will be more smoothed. This mask is also unique in a very special way. That is because that for its removal you will not use water, but magnet instead and the result is amazing - intensive and regenerative layer on skin. However magnet together with mud will také care of all the toxins and that is the reason why this mask is best for spring skin detox. We recommend to use it at least once a week for the first month, and than once or twice a month based on skin and age.