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Minerals from the Dead Sea are miraculous for skin and hair

Minerals from the Dead Sea are miraculous for skin and hair

Healing, beautifying and rejuvenating effects of salt and mud from the Dead Sea are known for centuries. The Dead Sea is the lowest exposed ground on the Earth, it´s one of the saltiest lakes in the world and from its water and mud are manufactured cosmetic products, which are pretty much miraculous for our hair and skin. Therefore, if you still don´t have any Dead Sea products at home, it is about time to make a room for it on your bathroom shelf.

Did you know, that the water in the Dead Sea is about ten times saltier than for example the water in the Mediterranean Sea? No animals can survive in it; however, people seem to enjoy a stay in it. That is also a known fact from the ancient times when Romans and Israelites used to build spas for healing and recreational purposes on its shores and they used both water and mud. Rumor has it, that King Herodes himself liked to come here. But if you don´t have a chance to come to this miraculous place and try its benefits for yourself, you can still experience its effects thanks to the cosmetics with Dead Sea salt or mud.

Precious combination of minerals

The water from the Dead Sea contains 21 minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. 12 of those minerals, however, are not in any other sea in the world. The Dead Sea salt has a more concentrated proportion of minerals and the mud has been formed at the bottom for thousands of years. All the above are the reasons, why the healing effects are known worldwide. The products containing minerals provide skin with the necessary nutrition and they strengthen the skin cell immunity. They are excellent against aging, they rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, help with acne and eczema, reduce wrinkles and age spots. They are ideal for intensive skin care treatment and these cosmetic products will be appreciated in the anti-aging area.

How to get started?

You can begin with soap, which is known for drying out the skin, but in this case, the combination of mud and moisturizing oils cleanses and soothes the skin, however it does not dry it out. Both salt and mud are also added into body scrubs or shower gels and all these products help to purify and rejuvenate the skin.

Not just for the skin, but also for health

The Dead Sea salt is also effective as a cure for problems with musculoskeletal disorders. The mud helps to patients with rheumatism, after injuries or with muscle or joint pains. It should be applied directly to the painful area and left to work. The pain is then thanks to the minerals relieved.