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    Dead Sea mud and shea butter in this luxurious Miracle Mud Mask unite in the fight against tired skin and wrinkles. Even after the first use, the skin is incredibly smooth, soft and radiant. With regular application, even deep wrinkles on the forehead and neck are tightened. The mask is very concentrated, so it is used less often while regularity is...

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    Gentle Eye Lifting Gel, suitable for mimic wrinkles, is effective due to the effects of natural collagen, gum arabic and shea butter. It also contains Aloe Vera, chamomile and lavender oil to soothe the skin around the eyes. Highly concentrated firming agents smooth even deep lines. The gel brightens the eye area and the skin receives a fresh youthful...

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    Revitalising Gold-N Vitality Serum for the face, neck and decollete is a concentrated mixture of seven Dead Sea minerals and natural oils which is used only two to three times a week instead of your regular night cream.The serum has a strong revitalising effect and it amazingly envelops the skin in a silk veil (satiny-touch effect).

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