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Huge cosmetic help in fight with atopic eczema

Huge cosmetic help in fight with atopic eczema

Itchy and cracked skin, redness, swelling, staining and pain. It all belongs to frequent symptom of atopic eczema. There are many forms of atopic eczema and they are so common, that many of us has had experienced them at least at child age. Lucky ones will only have rush, which will go away by itself, however according to statistics, more and more patients have problems coming back and keep unpleasant problems in life.  

All skin inflammation share the same thing, and that is damage of skin cells and their structure. With this relate also insufficient production of necessary proteins, lipids and other substances such as lactic acid or urea. Result of this is a damage of lipid skin barrier, which protects organism from toxins and alergens from the outside enviroment. This results to drying the skin, roughening, skin is scaly and cracked. Damaged barrier function is culprit of skin problems. Healty skin has fully function skin barrier, that protects your skin against penetration of pollutants and keep hydration of your skin in normal.

How to restore natural skin barrier and deprive your problems?

Unfortunately, there is not a reliable and long-therm cure for atopic eczema. Most common treatment is local hormonal ointments and medications. However, that is not enough. Damaged skin require gentle care and treatment should be paired with appropriate cosmetical care. „Renewal of skin barrier can successfully mitigate your skin problems. Due to that, your skin will get better, heal faster and overal improvement of skin health and appearance. By supporting defenses of our skin we will create shield that protects penetration of pollutants into the skin and then into organism” explains Kateřina Ludvíková, director of NevO Dead Spa company, which is focusing on cosmetics with precious healing extracts and regeneration of damaged skin.

Miraculous power of Dead sea

Minerals from dead sea improve overall hydration factor of our skin (pH) and keep optimal amount of moisture, strenghten skin cells and increase skin resistence against dehydratation and harmful effects from the environment. „I recommend to use soap with extracts from dead sea NevO for daily usage. Mud have excelent cleaning ability due to natural zinc content. Salt restores natural pH of skin and young skin cells. Soap foam tones and softly removes impurities, unnecessary sebum and dead cells“, explains Kateřina Ludvíková. 

Skin really benefits regular baths in salt from dead sea. Dead sea contains more than 30 minerals and trace element. Some are valuad for their relaxing effects, others nourish the skin, activates circulation of blood and detoxify. „Pottasium keeps optimal level of skin moisture and reduces cracking of fine catheters. Sodium supplies cells with energy and improves transmission through cell membrane and permits toxin secretion. Magnesium accelerates cellular metabolism, significantly slowers process of aging and regenerates, slower hypersensivity of skin and i tis antiallergic. Bromine is well known for its disinfectant and healing effects at skin deases and calm nerv ending in skin. Calcium activates enzymes and strenghtens cell membranes. Zinc fastens wound healing and supports cell restoration. Chlorine desinfects and imrpoves balance of minerals in cells“ names positive effects of included elements Kateřina Ludvíková. Bath salt from dead sea Ocen is available at NevO Dead Sea SPA at 640 g packaging.