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Hand care in three steps

Hand care in three steps

Hands are said to be a mirror of a person. In their personal contact, most people notice them as the first, and their modesty or untruthfulness tells us a lot about us. At the same time, they are exposed to enormous burdens on a daily basis, which makes their care more difficult. However, it is not necessary to panic, we have prepared three basic steps for you, thanks to which you can handle your hand at home.

Use suitable hand soap

The absolute basic in hand care is their regular hygiene. But did you know that the skin on your hands is as sensitive as the one on your face? For that reason alone, the choice of the right soap cannot be underestimated. Not every soap suits everyone, and individuals with sensitive and cracked skin are likely to have experienced problems that may cause the use of inappropriate or poor quality soap. But where to find the ideal soap to wash your hands effectively and not to dry them? Forget the classic soaps from the drugstore, which relieves the skin of its natural protective barrier and thus contributes to its weakening. However, you could be interested in the Dead Sea Extract soap from NevO Dead Sea Spa, which is suitable for everyday use not only on the hands but also on the face and the whole body. The contained mud has excellent cleansing properties due to the natural zinc oxide content and salt in turn restores the skin's natural pH and rejuvenates skin cells. This soap is for example also suitable for atopics and individuals with dried and cracked skin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Another important step in hand care is their regular hydration, especially during the summer, when the hands skin is disturbed by environmental influences such as the sun, heat, or constant rinsing in the water. In this period, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams several times a day, not only after washing, but also during the day when you feel that the skin is tight and dry on the hands. Excellent reviews include mineral hand milk, which is available in four variations, Ocean, Passion Fruit, Almond and French Vanilla. Mineral milk is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film, allowing it to be used at any time of the day. Natural Essential Oils Included Moisturize Vitamin E to Protect Stressed Hand Skin.

However, it is important to realize, that hands, for example, also cleanse a variety of cleaners that are aggressive to the delicate skin. Therefore, we recommend the use of disposable protective gloves for housework and other household activities that require cleaning and disinfection. It protects the skin on your hands and prevents further drying.

Both nails and their surroundings

Hand care is undoubtedly linked to the care of nails and their surroundings. So take your manicure time at least once a week. However, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons often, but with the right equipment, you can play with manicure even at home. The basic nail kit, which includes a nail file, hand cream, a special blend of nail bed oil, and a polisher, which, when used regularly, makes a smooth, glossy nail surface to protect it from drying out and scratches is enough.