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Do you suffer from dry hair without signs of life? They need to be given extra care in summer

Do you suffer from dry hair without signs of life? They need to be given extra care in summer

Sun, extremely high temperatures, dry air and frequent swimming. As a result, our hair is now more stressed than in other seasons of the year. So how to take care of it during the summer time?

Headwear is important

Just like you protect your skin during the day, you also need to think about your hair. Direct sunlight does not do any good to it either. This does not mean you should wear a cap or hat all day long, but try to put on at least some head covering at a time when the sun is strongest, that is from 11 am to 3 pm.

Rinse hair with clean water after swimming

Whether you swim in the pool, in the river or in the sea, after soaking your hair, always rinse it with clean water. The same is true if you sweat excessively during sports. You don't have to wash your hair immediately, it is enough to give bring it to life with the help of clean water and then let it dry freely.

Get a quality comb

During summer, our hair is more vulnerable to breakage and their hair ends to splitting. Therefore, do not stress it even more by combing it with a low-quality comb. It is ideal to buy, for example, a boar bristle brush or a wooden brush, which is gentler to the hair and prevents unnecessary breakage.

The quality hair care is essential

In summer more than ever, it is important to use quality hair care. The hair care line from the cosmetics manufacturer NevO Dead Sea Spa, which uses minerals from the Dead Sea in its products, has proved its worth. After washing the hair, a hair conditioner with minerals is used, which contains moisturizing ingredients from the Dead Sea, and thus helps prevent damage during drying and combing our hair. Leave it in for five minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. The conditioner restores shine and color and keeps the hair soft and pleasant to touch.

The NevO Dead Sea Spa hair care line also contains a rinse-free moisturizing hair cream, which creates a protective film and keeps hair moisture inside. Minerals and vitamins B and E nourish, strengthen and protect hair from external factors. The cream is used on washed and wet hair or you can apply a small amount to the blown hair on the ends for smoothing effect.

In summer, you will also appreciate the effects of hair serum with argan oil. The serum supports blood circulation and metabolic processes in the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and nourishes them, and thus stimulating hair growth and preventing excessive hair loss. After several applications, the hair is strengthened, pliable, soft and generally protected from damage.

Don’t forget to trim the ends regularly

Even in summer, do not miss the regular trimming of the ends. You will get rid of the dried ends and the fraying will not proceed further to the lengths of the hair. You should trim the ends at least once every two months.